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Georgia Medicare?

Trying to make sense of Georgia Medicare?


Medicare provides health insurance to people over the age of 65, or under the age of 65 that have been disabled for over two years.

Most who qualify for Georgia Medicare are 65 or older. These are people who have usually worked their whole life and have looked forward to the promise of the government helping them with their insurance when they retire.

If you’re looking for all specifics of Georgia Medicare coverage, this page isn’t going to cover that. But you will get an understanding of a few of the bigger bits you need to know. If you need more detail, you can always find it here.

Georgia Medicare Doctor

  • Medicare Part A covers hospital related costs.
  • Medicare Part B covers doctor related costs.
  • Collectively, Medicare A and B would cover 80% of your healthcare costs.

This leaves 20% of your health care costs to be covered another way, oftentimes coming right out of your pocket!

We work with carriers that have plans that cover the additional 20% that Medicare doesn’t cover. Many of the insurance companies that you have heard of offer plans for this, and there are lots more carriers that you may not know about that also offer plans for this.

The two ways to cover this 20% gap that Medicare doesn’t cover are with Medicare Supplemental Insurance or with Medicare Advantage Insurance.

What is Georgia Medicare Advantage Insurance?


Georgia Medicare Advantage Insurance works in conjunction with Medicare A and B. Medicare Advantage Insurance is often called Medicare Part C. Many times Medicare Advantage Insurance also includes Medicare Part D, which is the prescription drug coverage.

Georgia Medicare Advantage Insurance may or may not have a monthly premium, depending on where you live and/or which carrier you choose for coverage. You have copays for most services you use, like doctors, specialists, hospitals, etc, and it’s sort of a “pay as you go” type service. On months when you don’t see a doctor or have any need for other insurance services, the only cost you would have is the monthly premium, if your plan has one.

If you are generally healthy and don’t see a doctor often, you will likely find yourself with less out of pocket costs with a Georgia Medicare Advantage Plan.

What is Medicare Supplemental Insurance?


Georgia Medicare Supplemental Insurance also works in conjunction with Medicare A and B.

Georgia Medicare Supplemental Insurance always carries a monthly premium. There are various plans you can choose from, with letters A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, and N. Each of these letters denotes a specific plan of benefits that each carrier must adhere to. For clarity, an F plan with one carrier must have the same core components as an F plan with another carrier. The different lettered plans vary in monthly premium costs as well as the level of benefits provided. An A plan doesn’t cover the same components as an F plan.

With a Georgia Medicare Supplemental Insurance plan, you have a monthly premium regardless of whether you see a doctor or use any plan benefits. The good news is that these plans are almost always guaranteed renewable, so as long as you pay your premium you’re guaranteed to be offered coverage, regardless of how your health may change.

If you see a doctor often, or have a family history of health issues, this may be a better financial choice for you.

Still need to know more about Georgia Medicare options?


For more specifics on the different plans, carriers, and coverages, call us now. We’ll be happy to spend some time with you and help you understand how these programs work.


Disclaimers As Required By Medicare


  • In order to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan or a Medicare Supplement plan, you must continue to pay your Medicare Part B premium.
  • The benefit information provided is a brief summary, not a complete description of benefits. For more information, contact the plan.
  • Limitations, copayments, and restrictions may apply.
  • Medicare has neither reviewed nor endorsed this information.





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