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Walk In Tubs For Seniors And Baby Boomers

Should You Get A Walk In Tub?


As we age, our mobility isn’t as sure and as sharp as it used to be. Climbing over a traditional tub threshold is dangerous at best, and a death trap at worst. Don’t continue to risk this by keeping your traditional bathtub.

Statistics from a 2011 study done by the Centers for Disease Control show that one in three adults age 65 and older falls each year. Falls are the leading cause of both fatal and non-fatal injuries for this age group, and can increase the risk of early death. Additionally, many people who fall, whether injured or not, often develop an increased fear of falling. This leads them to limit their physical activities, further reducing their mobility and actually increasing their risk of falling.


Costs Of A Fall In The Bathtub


When considering the cost of a fall, there are financial and physical ramifications. Physically, mobility is hampered, fear is increased, and independence is reduced. Recovery time can keep you away from the activities you enjoy while you heal and mend. Recovery time varies for each person, leaving you with an unknown time for how long you may be sore.

Financially, the costs of treating a fall injury can get into the tens of thousands in a hurry. Often, the fall requires admittance to a long term care facility. The 2013 Genworth Cost of Care Survey shows the average monthly cost for a private nursing home room is about $7000, and about $3500 for an assisted living room. If you have any money saved, these costs will come out of your pocket first, taking away the opportunity you may have been planning for leaving money to your children or grandchildren.

By investing in a walk in tub or walk in shower specifically designed for seniors and baby boomers, you can set yourself up to avoid the falls in your bathroom, long known as the most dangerous room in your house. You can take away the fear of bathing and maintain your dignity and independence by staying safe and secure in the comfort of your own home.


Walk In Tubs


All walk in tubs are not the same. At the basic level, these are bathtubs with a door to walk in, with a low threshold and a built inWalk In Tubs seat. Beyond that, different companies offer different feature and benefits. Without the therapeutic benefits, the higher cost isn’t worth the investment. For just a little more than a plain walk in tub, you can get features and benefits that will help to treat a variety of symptoms of many ailments associated with aging.

Air massage is available in many units. The more air jets in a tub, the more effervescent bubbles you’ll have to give you massage benefits.

Water massage is also available in a few units. Water jets give you a deeper level of massage than air jets, and can help your muscles and joints feel much, much better.

By combining air jets with water jets, you can get a dual massage hydrotherapy system that is going to really help you to feel better!

Walk In Showers


Walk In ShowerA walk in shower should be designed with features that can make bathing easier and more safe. A hallmark of a good walk in shower is a built in seat that is stable and can’t move. Additionally, a hand held shower can also make cleaning yourself easier. Just to make it even safer, wouldn’t you like the water controls to be able to be operated from the seat, so you can do everything in your shower without even having to stand up at all? Of course you would!


Get Safe In Your Home Now


Contact me today to see the best solution on the market. Walk in tubs and walk in showers with a LIFETIME warranty, best in class features and benefits, at a price that you can afford and that will help you to stay safe and avoid long term care. You deserve to be safe and I’ll help you do it!

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